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Today I forgive my cat Buddy for refusing to use the litter box.

Anybody want a cat?
Tags: my cat is a basketcase
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If it was tinkles I'm sorry. If it was poopies WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!
If it's tinkles, we have yet to find it and I did catch him peeing in the litter box last week so hopefully that part is covered. However, he poops on whatever carpet he can find despite the fact we've removed half the carpet from this house due to cat damage. I even bought this expensive "Cat Attract" cat litter but it doesn't seem to be working.
More work for you but have you tried the really cheap shit like Johnny Cat? Min LOVED Johnny Cat way better than she ever liked clumping litter.

(It was the litter she 'came with')
Hmmm no I haven't tried that but at this point I'm willing to try just about anything. Maybe it's the scent of the scoopable litter that he doesn't like. Or it could just be because he's old. Who knows. I'll give it a shot though - thanks for the suggestion.
I know it's cheap as shit and more work on your end but I figured if it works, right?