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Today I forgive whoever is responsible for turning Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas" into "Viva Viagra" for a Viagra commercial.

No, that person should be shot. >:)
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Oh shit!! Hahaha! I hadn't seen that!
It's awful - typical ED commercial with some bad Elvis impersonator singing "Viva Vi-agra" in the background. It's new so if you watch any TV I'm sure you'll see it soon enough.
Seriously?!? I watch late night junk with lots of commercials. I'm sure I will spot it eventually ;)
I'm guessing probably because you watch more cable tv than network tv.
Hahaha! That would be it!
Shot and stabbed. That commercial drives me insane. Not because it's RIDICULOUS, but because no one cares about your erectile dysfunction, you horrid old man. I'm not even sure Elvis would care about you that much, particularly when he heard someone howling, "VIVA VIIIIAGRAAA!" on television.

And no, dearest creepy man: Your wife doesn't think you're hot because you're creaky and old and dysfunctional and taking lots of pills so you can chase after her. In fact, she's having an affair with the pool boy.
Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! All those ED ads are so... DISTURBING. I do not care to know all about older people's sex lives.
Are you talking about the same one I have come to loathe or have they inflicted this horror on TWO DIFFERENT ads?

The one I keep seeing is the "jam session" old guys singing it. Like five guys sitting around singing it.
What?! There are TWO DIFFERENT ADS ABUSING THIS SONG?!??!?!? I haven't seen that one yet and I hope I never do for fear I shall go blind and deaf if I do. No, the one I'm talking about has this guy energetically singing sorta like Elvis "Vivaaaaaa Viiiiii-agraaaaaa". I don't remember what they show because I usually run screaming from the room whenever it's on. hehehe
Oh it's still viva viagra but its guys 'jamming' and at the end they all are CAPSLOCKING the end tag with that whole sitcom ending laugh. I just want it to die.